This utility moves all the selected elements to a new subfolder in the current folder. You will be asked for the name of this new subfolder.

You also can specify variables in the folder name. Click over the right side button to insert the supported variables with the help of the variables window.

Example: if you apply Pack to Folder over folder1, folder2, file1.txt and file2.txt, with the following folder structure:














the resulting structure will be:
















By default the files will be moved to the new folder. If you want to copy the files instead of moving them, then you can activate the corresponding option in the Pack To Folder dialog box.


The available variables to insert in the folder name are the following:

Current Time


Local time. Example: 14.05


Indicator AM/PM


Hour (12-hour format)


Hour (24-hour format)






Time Zone (short)


Time Zone (long)

Current Date


Local Date Format. Example: 08-10-2011


Long Date Format. Example: Saturday, October 8 2011


Day of Month in Decimal (01-31)


Month in Decimal (01-12)


Short Month Name (Jan, Feb, ...)


Long Month Name (January, February, ...)


Year without Century (00-99)


Year with Century


Short Week of Day (Mon, Tue, ...)


Long Week of Day (Monday, Tuesday, ...)


Day of Week in Decimal (0-6, 0=Sunday)


Week of Year in Decimal (00-53)


Day of Year in Decimal (001-366)

Other variables


Computer name


User name who logged in


Folder name of the parent folder


Random string. The first parameter specifies the length of the string. The remaining parameters specify the ranges of characters. For example, with %RND(4,0-9,A-Z)%, the random string will be 4 characters of length and will contain both numbers and upper case letters.