This custom command type lets you copy to the clipboard specific attributes of the selected elements (path, name, file size, etc) based in a template with variables.

You can configure the following specific properties:


Template to be applied for each selected element and then copied to the clipboard. This template may contain variables for specific file attributes (path, name, file size, checksum, etc.). If multiple elements are selected, then a line break will be added for each element. Click over the right side button to insert the supported variables with the help of the variables window.


If "Yes", then the elements into the subfolders will also be copied to the clipboard recursively. 

If this option is enabled, then you also can set a Indent String, and then this string will be added a number of times at the beginning for each file depending of the folder level.

Element Types to Copy

Element types to be copied to the clipboard: both files and folders, only files or only folders.

File Types

The file types to copy to the clipboard (only used if Element Types to Copy includes files). There are three options: all files, only files match the filters, or only files does not match the filters. If you choose any of last two options, you must specify the file types.