This custom command type lets you rename files using a profile of the Advanced Renamer utility.

You can configure the following specific properties:

Profile Name

Profile name of "Advanced Renamer" tool to be used when renaming.

Enter in subfolders

If "Yes", then the renaming process will rename recursively in all subfolders that the selected folders contain.

Element Types to Rename

Element types to be affected for the renaming process: both files and folders, only files or only folders.

File Types

The file types to rename (only used if Element Types to Rename includes files). There are three options: all files, only files match the filters, or only files does not match the filters. If you choose any of last two options, you must specify the file types.

Conflict Behavior

The action to perform if a conflict exists while renaming a file, that is, if a file really exists with the same name in the same folder. The possible options are: prompt, no rename the file, overwrite the existing file, and add a numeric sequence.

Show Preview

Show a window with the preview before renaming the files. So you can see the final result for all the files before applying the changes. If this field is unchecked, then only a confirm dialog will be displayed to confirm if you wish to continue with the renaming process, but you can not see if the files will be renamed correctly.

  • Close window automatically. If "Yes", then the Advanced Renamer window will be closed after renaming.

Request confirmation. If "Yes", then a message box will be displayed before starting the renaming process to confirm this action is wished. If "Show Preview" is "Yes", then the "Request confirmation" property is ignored and the confirmation message box will not be displayed, because the preview is already shown.