This utility lets you view and change the attributes of the selected elements from the Windows Explorer. It shows a submenu with all the available attributes. The attributes may be:

  • Read only. Indicates if the element is read only, and therefore its content cannot be changed.
  • Hidden. Indicates if the element is hidden, and therefore it will be not shown in Windows Explorer (unless the Windows Explorer had been configured to show hidden elements).
  • System. Indicates if the element is a special element used by Windows.
  • Modified. Indicates if the element has been modified after creating it. This attribute is normally used by backup applications to know if the file must be backed up.
  • Compressed. Indicates if the element is compressed (only for NTFS file system).
  • Encrypted. Indicates if the element is encrypted (only for NTFS file system).


If a specific attribute is activated, the item in the submenu displays aon the left side.

If the selected element in the Windows Explorer is a folder, the submenu Change in subfolders is enabled. The attributes changed from this submenu will be changed recursively for all files and subfolders that the selected folder contains.

There are two menu items which allow to configure Windows Explorer to show/hide specific files: hidden files and system files. Also the menu contains a command to show or hide the file extensions.