• Bug fixes:
    • Issue with Total Commander: the copy window was showed always when running any command of FMT.
    • Crash when right-clicking on Library icon of Windows Explorer.


  • Bug fixes:
    • Change Icon was displayed with text Advanced Renamer.
    • When adding a new command, it was not possible to change the properties.


  • Improved the appareance of the icons of FileMenu Tools, similar to the icons of Windows 10.
  • Added hotkey to submenu FileMenu Tools.
  • Improved Find and replace: it could take a long time to respond the window at the beginning of the search if the folder had a lot of subfolders.
  • Fixed bug in Create new folder: the folder name was limited in length.
  • The option "Convert paths to URL format" of the custom commands now works also with variables %FILENAME1%, %FILETITLE1%, etc.
  • Delete empty folders: you can choose the folders to delete.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced renamer: it may fail when renaming folders recursively.


  • Added hotkeys to the commands of FileMenu Tools in order to run the commands from the keyboard. If you press Shift+F10, then the context menu will display the commands with a underlined character. If you press this character, then the command will be run.
  • Copy/Move to: if you active the option "Open target folder after copying", then the copied elements are selected in the new window.
  • Calculate and verify checksums: added new algorithms: CRC32, SHA256, SHA384 and SHA512
  • Advanced renamer: new variables to add checksums (MD5, SHA1, etc) to the file name.
  • Bug fixes.