• Fixed: sometimes the license was not verified correctly if volume drives was changed. If you have problems with the license verification, then please active again the license with version 7.1.1.


  • Removed third-party software (OpenCandy) from the installer of FileMenu Tools. This had many drawbacks, with several antivirus software detecting the installer as adware or malware. Therefore I finally made the decision of remove OpenCandy and convert FMT in shareware. Now you can use FMT free of charge with two limitations: you can't use custom commands and the commands only run with up 20 files/folders. If you want unlock these limitations, then you must purchase a license. This change will help me to continue improving the software and pay for the maintenance of the servers. If you donated in the past, then you can request a license free of charge (send mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  • Added: now you can add variables to the menu name of custom commands (for example to include the extension of selected files).
  • Fixed: some properties of submenus was repeated twice.
  • Fixed: the icons were too small at high resolutions screens.
  • Fixed: arguments buffer was too small (2048 bytes). Now it is 8192 bytes, the maximum buffer supported by Windows.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


  • Fixed bug: sometimes the separators was not enabled.
  • Fixed bug in Calculate and verify checksums: the calculated checksum field was not updated when calculating a new checksum.
  • Fixed bug in Advanced renamer: the preview was not updated when changing the selected item of combo boxes with mouse or keyboard.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed bug in Calculate and Verify Checksums: CRC32 checksum was not generated correctly.
  • Fixed bug: sometimes the separators was not displayed in the context menu.
  • Fixed bug: in Windows 7 with the classic theme the submenu Attributes was not displayed correctly.
  • Fixed bug: custom commands could not be enabled/disabled.