• Bug fix: syntax coloring not working with regular expressiones (for example XML).


  • Fixed some bugs and crashes.


  • Fixed bug: Search Results Window did not display items in Windows XP.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Improved the Find Results Panel:
    • Several find results may be displayed in the same panel. Each search is displayed into a new group in the panel.
    • The selected lines may be included in a new text document.
  • Added a new command in Input/Output Panel to create a new document containing the text displayed in the panel.
  • New option in exteral tools to create a new document containing the output of the external program.
  • The "Save As..." button only is enabled if some file is modified.
  • When you cannot to save a protected file because UAC (User Access Control) is activated on Windows Vista or later, then a message box is displayed to elevate with Administrator privileges to save the file. So you do not need to run LopeEdit as Administrator from the beginning to edit and save protected files.
  • When you pass files in the arguments of LopeEdit, now you also may pass the line number and the character position where the cursor will be positioned when the file is open. The format is "file:l[,c]", where l is the line number and c (optional) is the character position into the line.
  • It is possible to disable each external tool individually.
  • LopeEdit is registered into "Default Programs" on Windows 7 and Windows 8. So you may easily associate LopeEdit with specific file types. You may run Default Programs from the Control Panel on Windows 7/8.
  • LopeEdit may download new languages or update the existing languages from the application.
  • Fixed bug: if the confirmation window to save a new document was canceled, then the document was closed in any way and the changes was lost.
  • Fixed bug: crash when the Input/Output panel showed massive output data.
  • Fixed bug: in some panels did not work specific hot keys (as Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V, etc.)
  • Minor bug fixes.

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