• Fixed bug: bracket highlighting did not work correctly when the the character was not visible in the editor.
  • Fixed bug: on both the Input/Output panel and the Console panel now it is possible to select text with the mouse (scrolling if it is necessary) and with the keyboard.
  • New option which specifies if when opening a file it must detect automatically the UTF-8 files without BOM header.
  • If a file with UTF-8 encoding without BOM header is open, when saving the file the BOM header is not included.
  • The File Browser panel now loads quickly when the folder contains zip files very large.


  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • Crash when copying huge amount of text.
    • Crash when comparing files/folders.
    • Crash when searching with regular expressions.


  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • Crash when files were uploaded to a FTP server.
    • Failures when scrolling if the word wrap was actived.
  • It is possible to configure the column where the single line comment must be placed (this is useful for Cobol, where the comments always must be placed at column 7).


  • Fixed the following bugs:
    • In hexadecimal editor all selected text was not copied to the Clipboard.
    • In hexadecimal editor was not inserted correctly hexadecimal values when it was inserted characters from 'A' to 'F'
    • The Recents Panel is loaded now quicly when it contains shared resources.
    • When printing documents, the text size was very small.
    • In Select Color Dialog, the color values were not typed correctly.
    • When comparing two folders, the comparision was not displayed correctly.
    • Fixed some drawing failures with word wrap in very long lines.
  • Regular expressions can be used to configure either keywords or preprocessor keywords for the syntax of programming languajes.
  • New syntax definition file for XML languaje. Regular expressions are used for definiting the keywords.
  • FTP Browser: an special message is sent to FTP server each 30 seconds, so the server does not disconnect when inactivity is detected.
  • External Tools: a new option has been added for reloading automatically the active document when the tool terminates.

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