• Bug fixes.


  • Added a command line tool to run the commands of FileMenu Tools from command line. So you can create automated tasks to run any command of FileMenu Tools from scripts, bat files, shortcuts, scheduled tasks, etc. For 32bit systems the tool is named "cmdfmt.exe" and for 64bit systems the tool is named "cmdfmt64.exe". You can generate easily the arguments for this tool from "Tools->Run From Command Line" or by running cmdfmt.exe/cmdfmt64.exe with no arguments.
  • Improved Split Files. Now the files may be also splitted without adding additional data to the files and they don't need to be joined later. This is useful for example to open in memory portions of very large files with a text editor. 
  • The commands can be tested directly with double-clicking.
  • When application crash occurs, allow to send the crashdump with data to be analyzed by the developer and fix the issue sooner possible.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • Now the icon field for custom commands is editable in Properties panel. You can specify relative paths and environment variables for the icon file.
  • Minor bug fixes.


  • New actions to expand or collapse all submenus.
  • New action to test the selected command and to check if it runs correctly with the configured options.
  • Improvements in custom commands:
    • You can add custom commands automatically by dragging and dropping either executable files or shortcuts to FileMenu Tools window.
    • When the custom command is displayed with specific folders, all child folders can be also included.
    • Included new option in variables menu to add system environment variables (for example APPDATA, ProgramFiles, SystemRoot, etc).
    • Now you can specify line breaks with \n in the variable @message@.
  • Minor bug fixes.